Perhaps the finest way to dine is by eating your food on a long classic wooden table with eight chairs and a chandelier hanging from the ceiling, but small dining tables have their own great sides. Nowadays people are moving to small spaces for various reasons: perhaps it is closer to work, or they don’t want to hire extra maids for cleaning such large house. Whatever the reason is, small dining tables for small spaces fill in their wants and needs perfectly. However, there are a few complains being raised due to the use of small shaped furniture. Take small round dining tables for example: a lot of families with toddlers complain it is hard to manage not to break a plate or two because of the tricky edges that the tables have. So if you’re thinking in buying one, let us first write down the plus and minus sides you should know.

Minimalist Kitchen Design Black Small Dining Tables and Chairs

Small Dining Tables: Lose Some

Although small dining tables may appear to be great, but they have their flaws. Setting up meals, especially for three or four dishes, can be quite tricky when you’re having a small dining table. Plates and bowls cannot be put altogether, thus you will need to move around while dining. Small tables usually come with plain ordinary shape too, and there is no chance where you can put up some accessories just to freshen up the view such as vase, or a candle holder. There is simply not enough space for accessories. Small tables can also create an awkward situation where you have to say no to your friends whenever they are asking you to host a dinner. How can you say you are only able to invite half of them?

Futuristic Dining Room Small Dining Tables Set Crystal Chandelier

Fascinating Round Small Dining Tables Fancy Black Wood Dining Set

Small Dining Tables: Get Some

But of course, small dining tables have their charms too. First and foremost, they are cheap. One dining table that I saw only cost about $45, and the design is actually quite sophisticated. They are also great for saving up spaces. Whether it’s in the middle of the room or right next to the wall, they won’t take up too much of your room. And they are very easy to clean. You won’t need to walk around the room to clean them. Lastly, small dining tables bring you and your family closer.

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