Small dining tables and chairs are the solution for small spaces. The beauty resides on their functionality and simplicity. If you are planning to buy dining tables and chairs, let’s say, one of those small dining tables and chairs for 4, then it might be a fun start for some creative and artsy projects that are waiting. Seek some whimsical decorations we offer here completed with precise measurement, just for you.

Brilliant Wooden Set Small Dining Tables And Chairs Beautiful Cream Wall

Small Dining Tables and Chairs Measurement

Small dining tables and chairs come with various shapes and measurements, if you already have one, try to identify yours. First, look at the shape. Most tables would usually be a round, oval, or rectangular shape. To seat a family of four up to six people, the width of a round shaped table would be 36” diameter up to 44” diameter, and 36” width with 56” length for oval shaped table, while for rectangular table the measurement would usually be 36” width and 60” length.

Elegant Black Wooden Small Dining Tables And Chairs Laminate Floor

Fresh Elegant Dining Room Design Luxury Small Dining Tables And Chairs

You might have different shapes like triangular for corner dining tables, if so then try to measure it by yourself, the key is to keep the focus on the table and then the chairs. The table should be your bold statement, think of movie title and the synopsis underneath it as the chairs.

Luxury Dining Room Modern Apartment Interior Slim Small Dining Tables And Chairs

Small Kitchen Design Modern Small Dining Tables And Chairs Small Chandelier

Small Dining Tables and Chairs Decorations

When you are finished with the measurement, it’s time to think up for some fresh decoration. Set up a theme, it can be cottage theme, American beauty, Parisian theme, anything you like! But all of themes have certain things in common, they are: pillows. Adding pillows to your chairs can boost up even the modest chairs. Banquet seating is also great for an accent: buy two and combine them with other chairs. Bottles filled with fresh hydrangeas never fails. It gives a fresh touch and great for a beautiful breakfast in the morning. If you like to set up plates before using it, try scattering traces of lavender on the napkins. For going really bold, put up a wreath right in the middle of the table. Small dining tables and chairs might be small, but they can always deliver big statement.

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