For homeowners, the pretty healthy interior would be ideal. When choosing curtains for the interior, you may be occupied with the style and color. There are many colors that you can choose for your curtains. One of them is the color lavender. Colors are categorized as cool colors and feminine. This color can be applied anywhere. The living room, bedroom, even the bathroom. But actually there are things more important than that, that is the environment. Choose the style and color of the curtains is not only a matter of interest, but also need to consider factors balance with the surrounding environment. Here’s the lavender curtains drapes as examples.


lavender curtains girls



lavender curtains


If your home environment is quite cold, windy and noisy, choose thick lavender curtains drapes and heavy enough to muffle. The north and south, is the best position for the window. But, if the room tend to be dark, not many choose curtains block out the light. In addition, tie curtain in the middle to make it look more attractive. Meanwhile, if the windows facing east or west, sunlight glare would make residents. Therefore, avoid fabrics that are too thin or very brightly colored. Reduce incoming light with blinds or sheer curtain behind the curtain. If your house is in the middle of a city full of pollution, avoid brightly colored curtains. Moreover, the details of the complicated folds. Therefore, the dust and dirt will easily pile up quickly. The windows were too transparent to make the privacy of the household is reduced. Therefore, careful use of curtain-shaped mesh, gauze, lace or other translucent cover type, which actually looks transparent at night. Instead, you choose a thin curtain or cafe curtain to make it more secure.


lavender curtains drapes


Curtain is one of the interior components that need great care in structuring a home. Errors in managing and selecting curtains will ruin the appearance of the interior. Conversely, the existence of the right curtain fabric will create beauty home. Then, the arrangement and selection of the matching curtains what the style of your home interior?. This article maybe you can make inspiration in choosing lavender curtains drapes that match the concept of space in your home, especially if the theme is soft and cool.

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