Choosing drapes that match the look of the room requires separate consideration. Including for the bedroom. Because if one chose, the drapes were not seen in harmony with the interior design of the room. So, what to begin? Function and limit choices drape is the first thing you should consider before choosing drapes. If you want drapes that provide privacy and dark shades, you need a layered drapes. But if you want a room with sunlight freely enter or just want a decorative drapes, you need not layered drapes. Here are some examples of lavender bedroom drapes that you can plug in your bedroom.


lavender bedroom drape



In price, obviously more expensive lined drapes. But there are advantages of protecting the fabric from sun damage and of course make durable drapes. In addition, layered drapes add weight thus helping more luxurious fabrics fall. For texture drapes, consider atmosphere of the room. Select the practical (easy to wash) as a mixture of silk and satin cotton rayon. In order room feel relaxed, you can choose crinkly linen and velvet ballooned. Cotton suit with all kinds of decorations and bring nuance neat in lavender bedroom drapes.


lavender bedroom curtains



lavender bedroom drapes


For the color of the drapes, you must decide whether you want blinds that blend with the decor of the room. If you want to match, choose curtains with a tone of the same color as the walls, but it should be darker. For lavender bedroom, choose white drapes or lavender drapes to make harmonization of color in your bedroom. Or can adjust the non-dominant color in the room such as the color of the carpet or pillowcases. Please note, bold color accents to be effective. Also keep in mind that the sun will have an effect in a room with no curtains striped. Blue can be scary while pink can go a cheerful. While the pattern of the curtains, your thumb is if you have a bed or furniture patterned, choose curtains were stiff. If you have furniture or bed with a loud color, consider patterned curtains. To look stylish and full of energy, choose curtains with a small pattern neutral color, such as dots or paisley, which from a distance looks like a texture. While a large pattern, graphical, and colored related with room decor, looks bold and spectacular for lavender bedroom drapes.

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