Desire to change the atmosphere of the house definitely felt every person, without exception. But sometimes we get confused what to do and choose exactly which part of the house to be renovated. For those of you who have had an upstairs and wanted to give a touch different from the whole space, can try to make room in the attic. In addition to utilizing the highest location in the house, was also able to give a different touch than previous architectures. Here are some great attic spaces ideas for your great home.


great attic spaces



attic spaces ideas


Before you make sure to build a room below the attic, make sure the height of the roof is not too narrow. Minimal, adult can stand comfortably at the site and made as safe as possible for children, and other family members. An attic, if it functions for a extra bedroom or storage space, is an excellent solution for those who want a new room addition. Make sure that your great attic spaces can cover your activity in your home. Like study, or take a nap maybe for walking closet. Whatever the activity in your attic spaces, you still have to consider about functions.


beautiful attic spaces



cool attic spaces


Issues that need to be addressed in the attic space is aeration and lighting, because of its very top. Moreover, the condition of the space under the roof tends to heat during the day, and desperately need maximum airflow. Given the position of the attic space above, the arrangement of lighting or lighting a lot easier. Especially if you want to save money, is that you can easily replace a few tiles or roof covering with a strong glass. Or with a window facing up to allow light to enter during the day and you just put on the lights at dusk only for your great attic spaces.

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