Currently, housing needs are very high. If the budget is not adequate to buy a house that middle-end, simple house was not an obstacle to realize the desire of owning a home. Creativity is a wise and intelligent design are able to realize a simple house with a frugal deal with all the limitations, both funds and land. Beautiful concept can be translated in the form of house plans are straightforward and easy maintenance. Limitations of land to encourage development of small terraced houses. Plan open space and minimal wall, both walls, walls, or doors, make the room feel airy. Merging function space tailored to the needs of residents. Optimized space in the living room and dining room. Functions of family room, study room, and a children’s bedroom can also be placed on the top floor to the under roof (attic). Here’s attic room designs.


attic room design ideas


Attic is an area or space located under the roof of a building. Attic generally fills the space in between the ceiling of the top floor and roof of the building, where the roof used was a sloping roof. Attic easily recognized as unusual in shape with exposed rafters and frame corners of the room have somewhat tapered triangular. Tendency to be maximized under the roof of a particular room will give the value of its own, depending on the use of the room for what it is. For the bedroom, study room, rest room, or even just storage room is not a problem, but the entire supporting infrastructure must be considered. Since the attic is also related to the spaces below. These are other attic room designs.


small attic room designs



attic room designs


Utilization attic should also pay attention to the comfort factor. Besides the convenience factor, you should also pay attention to the circulation of the house. Floor plan or layout of the house should be planned as possible so that access between the rooms in the house is quite easy to do. Circulation of residents also important to ensure the functioning of the private area and public areas are not intermingled. Utilizing the attic as a functional space in the house is a creative step that can be done. Some attic room designs already you can see above, we hope some of these ideas can provide inspiration for you to utilize the space in your home.

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