Kitchen designs with islands are in very high demand nowadays since more and more family come up with the ideas of kitchen designs with islands for small kitchens or even kitchen designs with islands and bars. It is truly understandable since a kitchen island gives you many advantages. It gives you a compact range space for cooking and is always great to hold three or even five people to cook together all at once. It is also very accessible from each sides of your kitchen and the top surface can be used for serving meals. When choosing your kitchen island, choose it careful, since it will play a big role in determining your kitchen designs.

Elegant Integrated Wooden Style Kitchen Designs with Islands Granite Countertops

Kitchen Designs with Island Shapes and Placement

Kitchen islands are usually square or rectangular shaped, but with the growing trends along come even greater shapes with more detailed decorations. But it is not only the shapes that make your kitchen designs with island look great, it is also the correct placement.

Extraordinary Classic Wodoen style Kitchen Designs with Islands Bar Stools

Extravagant Modern Classical Wooden Kitchen Designs with Islands Design

Most people put a kitchen island in the middle of their kitchen as a focal point and also to make it easier to access. But with round shaped kitchen island, putting it at the corner of the room would save up space and still accessible for everyone. An L-shaped kitchen island is also great to put along the walls, creating a semi-bar where you can serve wines or appetizers. An asymmetrical shaped kitchen island would be great if you have extra space to fill in, and it also gives a modern touch if you choose chrome colored or bright neon such as yellow, silver, and red. Half-circle shaped is best to be put in the middle of the kitchen and don’t forget to put up extra matching padded chairs for a soft touch.

Marvelous Tile Marble Backsplash Granite Countertops Kitchen Designs with Islands

Stunning White Traditional Wooden Style Kitchen Designs with Islands Design

Adding Details for Kitchen Designs with Island

Small details make up the entire design of your kitchen, and here we have listed three simple and cheap items to complete your kitchen design. They are: flower vase, to be put in the middle or corner of your kitchen island. A chandelier right above your kitchen island, it helps the lighting and decorating at the same time. Lantern would also be great for an oriental effect. Don’t forget a beautiful bunting to be placed along the edges. Those are some hints for your kitchen designs with island, enjoy!

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