ICF home plans or so called Insulating Concrete Form construction are always great for every country that has seasonal weather. And nowadays ICF home plans have come with great ideas such small ICF home plans, modern ICF home plans, to environmentally friendly ICF home plans. Whether you are a big family or simply a family of two, as long as you are hoping for a safe and frugal home, this construction would fit your preferences perfectly.

Elegant Modern Style White Exterior ICF Home Plans

Why Choosing ICF Home Plans

ICF home plans basically offer you safety: the home construction is built to face earth quake and has its own resistance for termites. Therefore, you won’t need to plan for a monthly heating or cooling costs. You can reduce almost 50 percent of house maintenance. Not to mention that for year 2013 there are a lot of offers and discounts due to the growing demands for ICF houses.

Awesome Modern Style Two Story ICF Home Plans Architecture Design

Extravagant Gray Color Traditional ICF Home Plans Design Ideas

The insulating concrete form construction also has inexpensive materials to build, and can even be built easily for individuals. The materials are very easy to stack, and reusable tracks will help you align the walls in a blink of an eye. For door and window placement, there are a lot of choices for sizes and shapes. Talk about saving you from budgeting for extra workers!

Fabulous Modern Style ICF Home Plans Architecture Floor Design

Gorgeous Modern Concrete Interior ICF Home Plans Design

Other Benefits from ICF Home Plans

If the benefits above are not yet enough to impress you, there are still more to come. One of them is the wall. It might appear to be an ordinary traditional wall to you, but ICFs walls have way much more to offer. It is structured with professional measurement. It has smart insulation where you don’t have to worry when facing spring, summer, or even winter. Vapor system saves your family from harmful bacteria and molds. And air barrier, which can allow you to have very little ACH, surely ICF home plans have it all!

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