Aquascaping designs are creative activities where you can arrange aquatic plants. The options are highly wide, from rocks, plants, wood, stones to even glittery pebbles. Doing aquascaping can also sooth your minds and is one of those relaxing crafts. Aesthetically it would be a great work of art once you have mastered some tricks and skills. However, as artful as it gets, you must always remember to maintain the main purpose with planning the water flow and other technical factors. Filtration, subtraction, and lighting are some of the factors that will need extra attention. But not to worry because there are a lot of hobbyists and communities that are able to teach you well and give you a helping hand along the way.

Aquascapes Design

Aquascaping Designs: Fresh and Saltwater

Knowing the types of your fish can save you so much time in determining the correct aquascaping designs. There are mainly two choices of aquascape:  freshwater aquascaping designs and saltwater aquascaping designs.

Awesome Aquascaping Designs Little Fish Strong Black Reef

Aquascaping Aquarium

Freshwater aquascaping plants are the main focus in designing. There are various leaf colors, textures, sizes and shapes which can be displayed just like a terrestrial plant. The trends started in 1930s but up until now the freshwater aquascaping designs still use plants as their signature. While saltwater aquascaping might be a little less traditional compare to the freshwater ones. But they still adopt the freshwater aquascaping system. Due of the salt there are relatively few plants that can grow inside the aquarium, so as a substitute saltwater aquascaping usually use live rock and lighting effects.

Aquascape Environmental

Thick Forest Aquascaping Designs Old Trees Green Bush

Aquascaping Desings Techniques

It is the maintenance that requires a lot of techniques in handling, especially for the freshwater aquascaping. Plants needed to be trimmed and changing the position every now and then is highly recommended. In lighting, go for 2 up to 4 watts per 2 liters and put a timer to imitate the night and day cycle. Sometimes an aquarium will need a carbon dioxide supply, make sure to consult with your peers before adding it. And don’t forget to clean the whole aquarium every once in a month, that way you will have long lasting aquascaping designs.

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