Imagine if your boss suddenly asks you whether you are able or not to host a dinner because he will be coming with his spouse to your house the day after tomorrow, you might want to think about small dining tables sets to welcome them to your modest home. Although you can always order a food delivery and serve it before your boss comes, formal dining needs a lot more than that. So in order to save you from horribly situation, here are some lists of hardware and utensils for formal dining room ideas that you will need to have before hosting a dinner.


Essential Small Dining Tables Sets

Small dinner table set for formal use can be up to thousands of choices. But to save your time, money and energy, we have listed the essential items of small dining tables sets, the must haves and the reason why. Let’s start with the basic fork and spoon. While metal might be enough for you, formal dinners require silvers. Silver fork and spoon are a little bit expensive, so it’s okay to buy only half of a dozen or even three pairs. Next are bowls. Taking soup right from the pot is not allowed, and along with it you will also need a soup ladle.


If you want to serve a steak, choose a specific steak knife with comfortable handle to avoid it slipping from your guests’ hands. Salad as an appetizer will need a salad server, and cake for the dessert will also need cake slicer knife with cake stand or a tray. Remember to know the differences of a mug, cup, tea cup, and a wine glass.


Additional Small Dining Tables Sets

Care to complete your preparation? Then have some napkins along with the napkin rings and napkin holder to hold them in places. Placemats would do great if you can match them with the table cloth. Bread basket is also a nice touch, put some French baguette and serve some cream soup as an appetizer. Chair pads are nice and you can even make them yourself with waste materials or some old unused clothes. In a way, surprise your guests with your small dining tables sets and let them enjoy the art of eating.

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