It is of no secret that Italian architectural firms have established themselves as one the bigger players around the industry. They have been well known for manufacturing intriguing pieces of furniture, and realizing the most charming interior designs. One of their exemplary design is one that follows the trend of bed room Italian 2013. The bedroom was actually conceptualized during 2012, which implies that the design has the goal to set a new tone and trend for this year.

Awesome Bed Room Italian 2013 with Yellow Carpet Under the Bed and Unique Ceiling

The Design of the Bed Room Italian 2013

The Italian bedroom makes use of contemporary bedroom design for its concept. It is assigned a position of an interior segment that resides rather near to the exterior. Thus, the implementation of windows and curtains are inevitable here. However, rounded corner is featured for the molding of the exterior, which in turn makes the interior space rounded as well. The floor plan is not really spacious, although minimalist arrangement seems to be something emphasized in the presentation of the interior design.

The three main elements of layout, the floor, ceiling, and wall, are each assigned with different components. Firstly, hardwood flooring is chosen as its base cover of floor. The selected wood appears rather vibrant in creamy color, while rustic ornament could still be seen on the surface. Secondly, the wall of the bedroom comprises only the rounded corner which is all covered in glass. Thus, the wall of the bedroom is actually the windows. Lastly, concrete component is assigned for the ceiling.

Stunning Bed Room Italian 2013 with Wall Mirror Decor

Modern Furniture Bed Room Italian 2013 with Leather Animal Rug

Furniture Arrangement for the Bed Room Italian 2013

The bedroom employs contemporary furniture arrangement, there are only few notable furniture that could be seen present in this bedroom. One of which is a white convertible sofa. While it is difficult to distinguish this sofa from a bed, its wider dimension allows someone to lay on it. A black rug made of animal fur could be seen covering a small detail of its rustic wooden floor. Some black décor are present to contrast the white curtain featured to cover the glass windows of the bedroom.

Contemporary Bed Room Italian 2013 Wooden Furniture and Brown Rugs

Glamour Round Bed and Colorful Decor for Bed Room Italian 2013 Design

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