Designing toddlers bedroom may seem simple but it is not really so. The little boys or girls have their interests which must be taken in to account when designing their bedroom. Do not assume that whatever you like is also liked by them.  Kids may also be allergic to some of the paints or décor that is harmless to the adults.  As regards the choice of color, girls and boys have different interests. For example, boys love mint green, yellow, orange or blue while the girls seem to love white, lavender or pink.


The toddler’s bedroom furniture comprises of side table, seating arrangement, cupboards, bed, play zone, table, rug or carpet on the floor, stepping stool at the bed’s foot and play zone where the kid can play with toys.  In most kid’s bedrooms, you will also find drawing of cartoons and matching curtains on door and windows. Boys can do anything fun on the walls including drawing cartoons. You should ensure that you paint the walls with paint which can be cleaned by simply wiping.

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