Vintage Bedroom with Soft Color Decoration

A Vintage bedroom is the concept of making a bedroom, which uses a vintage look as the main concept, look a particular way in style and tone. The design of the bedroom uses a special design that supports the vintage look. Years ago they weren’t called vintage bedrooms because they were living in modern times. However, today we admire what the world used to look like. Especially the vintage bedroom.

Bedroom Vintage Feel

If you have vintage or antique looking furniture you are at a good starting point. Add fabric, pillows and accents to enhance the vintage feel. If you have yet to purchase furniture, look at Craigslist, yard sales or bargain stores to see if you can find a great bedroom set for a great deal.


When you are exploring your vintage taste in the bedroom use soft color as your main color. However you can add colorful accents to splash a little color if the mood seems bland.

Vintage bedroom designs

Vintage bedroom decor

Wallpaper was popular decades ago. However, if you want to get a vintage bedroom feel think about stencil instead. That way if you change your style in the years to come you won’t have to peal off hard to remove wallpaper.

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