Don’t you want to create the beauty of the room with your hands like make your DIY headboard? Beautiful room will determine the comfortable of our sleep, it just like beautiful headboard that will give a different impression on your room. You do not need to buy an expensive headboard. You can just relying on the creativity and imagination that make it all possible.

Yellow Framed Wallpaper Headboard

Look at the picture , this picture is some DIY headboard ideas that might give you inspiration in designing the room headboard as you want. As shown below using the design by utilizing the wall area to put up a few pillows as a headboard. It may look simple but it can not be separated from modern feel. If you like the things with artistic and colorful, try to putting two canvas for your headboard. This will give a modern nuance in the beauty of art .

Fancy Upholstered Headboard

Tall Upholstered Headboard

The selection of colors is very important to create an artistic alternative headboard. As shown below, the headboard has a golden green color that creates a warm lighting. Or by providing a color that contrasts with your walls so make your room become more cheerful. All the things you need to do is easy. You just go to buy all the equipment you need such as sandpaper, paint, brushes, and some tools that may be required in the execution of your headboard. Remember before making a headboard, you should determine which design would you apply to your room.

Don’t you want to wake up with a wonderful atmosphere in the morning? Now you can start to make your own headboard. To be more clear in the selection of the right design for your headboard, it recommend to you for look back at these pictures and reread. The beauty of your headboard is largely determined by the design you want, then DIY headboard design would be essential before you make your headboard.

Lauan Plywood Headboard1

Wooden Slab Headboard

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