Even if you are operating on low budget, you should ensure that the bedroom decoration reflects the best wishes and interests of the girl.  Regardless of the theme that you choose, you should ensure that the bedroom enables your girl to sleep, relax and play comfortably and safely.  For low budget, you can choose plain color. There are very many shades of colors from where you can pick the best that will make your girl happy.  The bright colors are recommended because they not only create freshness feeling but also reduce the eye strain when the girl is reading.


When combined with the natural light, the bright colors will reflect light and make the room bright.  The artificial light may only be required at night when there is no natural light of the sun.  Going by the choices of most girls, pink is the ideal color of most young girls. However, there are others who prefer other colors such as blue and yellow.  Girls also like patterned beddings and rugs in their bedroom. In all cases, ensure that your girl before you purchase to ascertain whether or not she truly loves it.


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