Modern, sophisticated and stylish yet comfortable bedroom decorating trends aim at making it more of a living space. Comfort has been enhanced and more furniture types introduced into the bedroom setting. Access to things like pop up television and mini-refrigerator are now an upcoming trend. The bedroom can also double as a home office and a gym and screened-in porches that are connected to the bedroom. Fire places are also a common trend now and black-out shades that are built in.


Experimenting with a wide range of colors is one of the common trends that are in. Choice of colors depends highly on gender and the comfort feel depending on the individual. Generally colors that make a statement are constantly in use. If the walls are painted in bright colors the furniture are in a more laid back, neutral colors to create balance and also prevent the room from looking over decorated. A white bed set can be used against bold colored walls, walls with stylish geometric shapes or brightly colored beddings.

Another bedroom decorating trends are the use of wallpapers in the bedroom.It helps create a dramatic look in the bedroom and can range from bold and graphic to traditional and classic. Use of wallpapers has a transforming effect in the bedroom and also helps defines an individual’s style without much work unlike paint. Not only can it be done on the walls but on the ceiling too.


Walk-in his and hers wardrobes are now in demand allover and brings out the stylish features of a bedroom complete with full size mirrors. The bedroom could also have vanity television and there may be a television near the bathtub bringing the comfort and entertaining element of a modern bedroom. For the floor dark hardwoods are preferable to carpeted floor.Other bedroom decorating trends are for the bed that should have high head-boards.

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