This year interior design style will relive the past, designers tend to return to the patterns of flowers, symbols of Africa and America will be a lot of re-applied, as well as geometric forms. In this article will discuss the African interior design styles. Some examples of design styles african style bedroom you can see in this article. Plese read the entire article and you’ll get african bedroom decor and make it as an inspiration.


african bedroom designs



african bedroom decor


For interior decoration styles include African ethnic theme to the modern, depending on the region you choose as interior design inspiration. You can try using the unique patterned textiles and handmade furniture and accessories that add an exotic impression of the room. Always start from the room you use most often to spend most of your time. In addition, African-style interior design ideas in the bedroom, you can create for decorating with almost all accessories as well as furniture from natural materials such as wood and bamboo. Laying a big fan in the bedroom ceiling, and the use of mosquito net on windows, mattresses and ceiling will further enrich the African exotic look that you want. Then, you must be creative to get african bedroom decor on your home.


african bedroom decorating idea



african bedroom design ideas


As for the bedroom decor color trends, various shades of gray and white will be the most neutral colors used this year, the gray will be used in many combinations with other colors, as well as yellow as an accent color. You can also create a combination accessory material materials of glass, crystal or even gold or steel. Install the front door of your bedroom space a Moroccan style wooden doors, for the installation of doors carved Moroccan style to your liking, it is better to hire the services of an interior designer or contractor so you do not risk having the doors installed Moroccan origin. In addition, in the living room or front porch, Moroccan rugs can be used so that the nuances Africa will increasingly be felt in all parts of your interior space as african bedroom decor.

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