Minimalist house not only its models are minimal but the contents of the home room furniture also reflects the minimalist goods, and the setting minimalist space also needs to adjust how to create it. One of the furniture that we can choose is minimalist platform bed. In accordance with its function to rest, the platform usually always created and placed on the floor and placed in the bedroom. For some reason, a platform bed can be made with the concept of minimalism. Conventional form of a length minimalist platform bed suitable to be placed in the bedroom with a modern theme.



platform bed designs



platform bed design ideas


For the ornaments of the platform, you can choose to use simple geometric shapes, not excessive, in the form of vertical lines and horizontal without a profile. Or even plain at all. Form of a minimalist platform bed allows us to blend with the theme of space. Minimalist platform bed can be applied to the type of minimalist bedroom with any theme. For color selection, you can choose neutral colors like white, black, and brown. And the material making up the minimalist platform bed, you can choose from steel, or wood. Choose a minimalist platform bed that has good strength. You certainly want to have long-lasting furniture that is not it? Therefore you can not arbitrarily choose a constituent material for the affairs of this platform.


minimalist platform bed



platform bedroom


Furthermore minimalist platform bed straight as in the Japanese style furniture you can also make the choice. For mattresses, bed covers, pillowcases and sheets using a simple style. Minimalist design is always capable of making a room into an elegant appearance. So, to get the bedroom a modern and elegant, minimalist platform bed option is an appropriate idea. Adjustment of the minimalist platform bed and bedroom theme, you can play with the design sheets and mattress and pillow.

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