Setting bedroom furniture is one of creative task because it wants perfection and innovation. If bedroom are small then it becomes a bit difficult as well to arrange the furniture of bedrooms in such a manner that all accessories looks perfect, comfortable and fine at their place.

Instructions to Follow:

1. First, measure the space of bed room with the help of tape measure.
2. Draw bedroom map in the graph paper and keep ¼ inches equal to 1 foot for plotting bedroom on the graph paper.

Bedroom Furniture


Bedroom Furniture
3. Do measure wall of short spaces because all walls cannot be same. Wall having windows or radiator will have short space.
4. Make sure, you are measuring all other things too such as heating ducts, drapery items, windows, outlets for cable of TV and other electronic devices, switches, fireplace, wall scones, book shelf, dressing table, ceiling fan or split AC. Place all things which you want to be in your room according to the space they occupied and wall space of the bedroom.
5. Place furnishings according to scale you plot on the graph.
6. Place bed in the center of the room that would be near to focal point of the room. It will not disturb doors and closet.

Bedroom Furniture


Bedroom Furniture
7. Keep some place about (15 to 20 inches) for traffic.
8. Make changes of furnishings according to your desire.

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