The name Ethan Allen might bring you back to the history of a Revolutionary War hero, but Ethan Allen bunk beds are actually part of Ethan Allen furniture which was launched by Nathan Ancell and Theodore Baumritter under the Baumritter Corporation. The development of Ethan Allen furniture started since 1939, thus a lot of people call the beds as vintage Ethan Allen bunk beds, which usually are wooden bunk beds with stairs. The designs might quite ordinary, but there is no question for the craftsmanship and the luxury touch in each of the beds.

Amazing Modern Wooden Style Ethan Allen Bunk Beds Design

Why Ethan Allen Bunk Beds

Even though throughout long history the Ethan Allen furniture has switched owners a lot of times, the high quality standards are always there. They have professional inspection for each of the furniture and a clear standard operating procedure. If you are considering in buying a bunk bed, then one of those Ethan Allen bunk beds would be a smart choice, especially if you’re planning to inherit it to your children so they can use it for your grandchildren in days to come. The American style that each bed possesses will never go out of date and the quality of the materials will surely grant you no worries for extra expensive maintenance.

Elegant Wooden Style Ethan Allen Bunk Beds Design Ideas

Dark Brown Bed Frame Ethan Allen Bunk Beds Colorful Bed Plaid Carpet

However, since the brand Ethan Allen has already owned their signature, many companies have tried to copy their designs, despite the lack of quality. You can easily be tricked in buying the non-original Ethan Allen furniture if you don’t pay attention these following little details below.

Marvelous Modern Minimalist Wooden Style Ethan Allen Bunk Beds

Stunning Traditional Wooden Style Ethan Allen Bunk Beds Design

Ethan Allen Bunk Beds Original Signature

There are two quick steps which you easily can do by yourself when you’re planning to buy an original Ethan Allen bunk bed. First of all, inspect the little details. For example the name of the company, each of Ethan Allen furniture is stamped with the company name. Due to the frequent changing of their owners, the name of the company has changes a few times. Original Ethan Allen bunk beds will have one of these names: Ethan Allen industries, Interco, Ethan Allen or Green Mountain Holding Corporation. Each of the stamps can explain the year your bunk bed was produced, so pay careful attention to them. Also there is also a serial number that can identify the manufactured bunk bed, you can call the Ethan Allen store closest to you and ask them to check the number, if the number is available on their system, and then it is one of the original Ethan Allen bunk beds.

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