Two-thirds of our life is spent in the bedroom. Once the essential meaning of rest for man. So make sure your contest can really relax the body and soul. In addition to the bathroom, there was no other room in your home where you express yourself what it is. The bedrooms are sensual, sexy can be reflected with a choice of dark furniture, massive choice of shaped furniture and lighting that can be regulated. Blend of dark and light colors can be tried. Here’s some of dark bedroom furniture themes ideas.


dark bedroom furniture themes


In general, people are reluctant to use black because the impression is dark, gloomy, and heavy. However, by combining the thematic dark furniture in black or brown with balanced elements will make the room so much character. In order character, create a dramatic impression of modern elegance in the interior corners of your home. Black and gold combined with furniture plus a few feet carved gold accents, will make a point of interest in the room. Here’s the other dark bedroom furniture themes.


dark bedroom furniture ideas



dark bedroom furniture


Colors are dark and cozy atmosphere will produce a warm and protected. The combination of wood and sumptuous colors that will give a comfortable. Panel or cream-colored walls will contrast with quilted bed dark brown and red combination warm. The combination of these colors will provide comfort and style. Mahogany furniture is a perfect match. Add bright lights lit up, and get the color scheme of eternity. The combination of black and white is the most classic choice for the bedroom. Two colors create the impression of simple and elegant. Size nightstand or night table depends on the function you want. How many objects that are stored there. For the tropical climate is hot and humid, bed linen and pillow / bolster of cotton or linen is the best choice to combine with dark bedroom furniture themes.

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