Every year interior color trends are always changing and depending on what aspect of the effect of the year. Can of aspects of culture, design, or astetik perspective, all vying to be the most popular in each year. The colors look strong together create a strong atmosphere of the interior, dramatic, and eye-catching. One example of a combination of strong colors are turquoise and brown together. You can apply these colors to your sleeping room. The combination of these colors will make your appearance more attractive sleeping room and a sleeping room to change the atmosphere of your home to be amazing. Here’s turquoise brown sleeping room ideas.


turquoise brown sleeping rooms



turquoise brown bedroom


Soothing turquoise always managed to make the interior of sleeping room fresh and modern. Combination of this color with brown color in sleeping room can make fresh and warm atmosphere and strong character. You can apply the color turquoise and brown on the walls, furniture and accessories such as curtains, rugs, wallpapers or frame in your sleeping room. You can choose bedding for sleeping room with a combination of turquoise and brown. Or you can use a bed neutral colors like white and turquoise color adds to the couch and brown curtains and carpets. The use of the two colors are not necessarily absolute. You can combine turquoise brown sleeping room with a neutral color elements like white or ivory.


turquoise brown bedroom idea



turquoise brown sleeping room


Applications are mutually reinforcing two colors in the sleeping room will create a different atmosphere than most of the interior of sleeping room in general. You can apply immediately in your sleeping room. And after that, see how colors can revive the atmosphere in your home. Never be afraid to be creative with the interior of your sleeping room. Since getting sleeping room comfortable and attractive is your right. So, enjoy your turquoise brown sleeping room.

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