Modern Hideaway Bed System
Have you once think to have hideaway bed as you can see in hotels? Do you need stylish bed model as well as the function? Yes, you can use this bed for your room. This bed can be good idea for your kid’s bedroom. When your child bring her/his friend to your home they will easily get sleep together in the same bedroom and you don’t need to confusedly thinking about that.

Look at the picture! There are some of these bed ideas for your hideaway plans. If you have the wooden furniture with hideaway bed like this you can simply change your living room into guest bedroom when you need that! It is such a great idea for your small space apartment. As you can see in the picture, you can make part space for the office, living room, and bedroom together in a room.

Modern Hideaway Bed

Modern Hideaway Bed For Kids

If you take a look at other pictures, you will get the other idea. You can use this kind of bed also for your kids. Or if you still live alone, you can use this kind of bed for your room. The design of this bed can conjure up your room into cleaner look when it is folded. It’s really saving your space right? That’s why it’s really suitable for small spaces. You can use this kind of bed without afraid that your space will be smaller. Just fold it back then you will get your space back.

There are many ways to trick your small space. One trick of those ways for your small spaces is this bed. Just by push the bed, you will get extra space. Or if you have a guest wants to sleepover in your room, you can conjure up the living room into guest bedroom. It’s so simple, right? Consider to have his hideaway beds for guest bed or other purpose!

Crisp Modern Hideaway Bed

Chic Hideaway Bed

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