Having a great decoration for bedroom become everyone’s dream. You can choose everything you like with the theme of your bedroom. One of choice is rustic theme. Rustic appearance using natural materials to create the impression of bringing the outside of the room into the house. Textile materials used in residential, generally handmade. Accessories used an animal or plant species are usually pretty when placed outdoors. The decor is rustic style bedroom has a characteristic blend of rugged but still charming, simple but has the quality. Here are some examples of rustic bedroom decor.


rustic bedroom decor


rustic bedroom decorating ideas


When redecorating your bedroom with rustic bedroom decor, do not forget the wooden elements, objects with a rough surface, but all the elements still have to form a line of simple design. We recommend that you select a flooring material made of wood, and give a layer of wax (which is polished by hand). Or the floor of the timber is painted with bright paint colors and add rugs to warm impression on the room. For the selection of furniture, consider furniture from teak or pine wood. Shape chair design suitable usually rocking chair, rattan furniture, benches.


rustic bedroom decor ideas



rustic bedroom ideas


Try to develop creativity and imagination to include the concept of outdoor environments (forest) into the interior of your residence. To enhance the rough on the furniture, you can rub the whole piece of furniture using a coarse wire brush until the paint started to peel off layers of color then wipe with a damp cloth and jemurlah. Once dried furniture, lapiskan little paint protector (varnish) and dried. Can be strengthened also by the selection of accessories in the bedroom, such as brass candle holders, oil lamps, hurricane lamps, baskets of wood or rattan as a fruit or a place of interest. Remember always been synonymous with the rustic style of the natural colors and elements – natural elements such as brick red, brown, white, green. Those elements can enhance the appearance of your rustic bedroom decor.

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