If the house is adjacent to the neighboring area, while the need for increased space, you’ll want to utilize the roof space or attic for additional space. Apparently, the attic can be utilized as a more useful, such as bedrooms. This idea seemed to be one too. Romantic attic bedroom ideas. Yup according to its name. These rooms are located in the attic and is designed with a romantic touch. With a touch of creativity, the attic can be a room filled with dreams of romantic things. Existing furniture was the same with furniture in the room “normal”. What distinguishes the only form of the roof. Something that had an attic room and other rooms are not owned by you will get a view from the window is very different. View from a summit elevation of your home.


romantic attic bedroom ideas



romantic bedroom ideas


The attic is one of the terms of the space in a house that is usually located at the top. Typically, in use, the attic was just used to refer to the upper level. Attic in a house is generally used for various functions. Usually to shed or bedroom. There is also the loft building for use as a clothesline. So in simple language, the attic is an extra room built over the house. Somewhat different from the mezzanine, because the mezzanine is to divide the space into two floors, while the attic is a room that was created more permanent than the mezzanine. Some even take the place of design attic room ceiling. Bedroom loft can save space. And you can create romantic attic bedroom ideas in your house.



attic bedroom ideas



romantic bedroom ideas designs


However, before building a space below the attic is better determined by roof height is not too narrow. Minimum height for an adult to stand comfortably and safe for children and other family members. On the roof of the attic, ceilings narrow tread make the floor a short distance. Consider access into this area. If the stairs or the height of the existing door, the next step is making its way out to determine the position of the ladder. You should also pay attention to building strength, especially how the carrying capacity of the buffer or the power house foundation. This is because there is still room below. If you want to be a storage room or a room, make sure the room can accommodate a heavy load of each object you want to keep. Determine also the maximum ceiling height of the attic space because the effect on the function to be used. Because it is right under the roof, this room tends to heat during the day. Lighting is also important in this area. You can use tiles made of glass or window facing upwards so that light can still enter in the daytime. Here, the use of adequate lighting at night alone. For romantic attic bedroom ideas, you can use yellow light as the light color.

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