The bedroom is one of more space in the main to the design compared to the other room. Some people believe the rooms are comfortable will increase the quality of sleep which is a major resting place. Bedrooms should not always be a place to sleep. You can apply different ideas to the bedroom into extraordinary places. Bedroom may look different because of several elements, ranging from wall color to furniture arrangement. Here are some ideas for the bedroom by painting the bedroom with two color combinations.


wall painting bedroom



painting bedroom ideas


Painting bedroom two colors make the atmosphere more lively your bedroom. To apply this way of painting as you can use two paint colors that have a good harmony. Paint colors to easily change the dull atmosphere of the bedroom to look great. The trick, select a paint color that is smooth and neutral like white or ivory. Then paint to all walls, but leaving one side. Then select a lighter color, but must match the color scheme of the room and paint on the walls remaining. One wall will be the focal point (focal point) in the room. On the wall, you can give the overall color scheme. In addition, you can also use the paint in the other room. Paint the ceiling of a room with a bright and beautiful colors, or paint the room list with a striking color.


painting bedroom two colors



painting bedroom two different colors


In this article you can see that the combination of the two colors are combined with a careful and clever produces a beautiful color theme of space. We see that the bright orange color becomes more beautiful when combined with white paint. Orange is the color of ‘hot’ damped by the presence of a white color of the ‘cold’. Thus it with black and white. These two classic colors are always able to make a room more appealing atmosphere. Some examples of painting bedroom two colors you can see in this article.

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