We certainly agree that sleep is a very important for us, because sleep one way we rest after activity. Therefore, it is important to create a resting place us as comfortable as possible so that we can rest well. One of the things that need to be considered as a supporter of comfort bed is bedding. We have to choose bedding that can make us comfortable rest. Well, how to choose bed linen bedcover can make us comfortable rest? Below we will give you some tips on choosing bedding. And you can see moroccan style king size bedding as inspiration.


moroccan style bedding set



moroccan style bedding



Selection of bedding is sometimes confusing, especially with the variety of materials available sheets. But at least, there are some tips you can do to choose the right bedding set. In fact, sleeping area occupies about 80% of our bedroom. With proper selection of bedding/ bed linen, then we’ve done 80% of the work designing a room. Harmonization color sheets with room atmosphere. Harmonizing colors are not necessarily the color-matching color. Some individuals have a penchant for crashing two elements in contrasting colors. Color selection can be expressed mood. At least with the courage to try different colors, your room atmoshpere no longer monotonous. Then, have the courage to motif bedding/ bed linen. Your bedroom is not a hospital or a hotel room should use a plain sheet motif. Dare to choose the motif in a harmonious blend of the rooms will make you into quality sleep. Bold motifs that you can take as inspiration is moroccan style king size bedding.


moroccan style king size bedding


Colorful flower pattern, symmetrical lines or other variations which are characteristic neat Moroccan style. Usually in one area there is a wide array of colors, there is a red, brown, gold. There is also a single color with white stripes. Order is indeed the hallmark of Moroccan-style mosaic. The colors used are the many bright colors like blue, green, orange, red, yellow, brown and natural colors. Or colors that can describe the captivating desert landscape. Selection of unusual motifs like moroccan style king size bedding make your bedroom more interesting.

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