In the women’s room, the atmosphere is usually synonymous with a feminine softness. To that end, apply colors to create an impression of it. One of the colors that you can choose the color purple. Because purple is able to provide attractive look elegant. Suitable for creating a soft feminine feel which is a character common to girls. Well, for those of you who will color the room, you can try lavender purple. To make your room seem cozy, it helps you combine colors such as lavender purple with white. Here are some examples of lavender bedroom design.


lavender bedroom designs



lavender bedroom design


Above room design suitable for women who love the purple color. Lavender purple color usually describes the nature of a fashionable lady, graceful and calm. You can choose the color purple lavender that seem light atmosphere that will give a sense of comfort. The color purple as an accent you can make quiet but can steal the show. Combine the color purple with white accents so your room seem more comfortable and bring a simple modern feel. If you do not much like the color lavender as the dominant color, you can choose the color lavender as the color of wall paint in one of the walls alone. The rest you can paint the wall with white color to balance the color in your lavender bedroom design.


lavender bedroom decorating ideas



lavender bedroom ideas


Apply the white color on the entire side wall of the bedroom. This color is able to bring the reassuring feel of tranquility that will be made during sleep become more qualified. Not only that, the color white is also able to give the impression of more space and flexibility in his room. In addition to walls, white color can be applied on color sofa bed or bedroom. While lavender purple as an accent can present through the existence of accessories such as bed linen, bed covers, cushions, lampshades, wall hangings, and curtains. Purple color makes the rooms look beautiful and tempting. For example furniture, beds, console tables and cabinets can you splash white color so that the room look more refreshing. The lavender bedroom design atmosphere is formed through lavender color combination makes you feel comfortable and at home to spend time in your private room.

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