Mediterranean Architecture is a building design that promotes comfort. This style is inspired by existing buildings in the Mediterranean area, one Italian. This design looks dynamic with building mass settlement spread. You can also make a Mediterranean design and modern minimalist look. To use color, Mediterranean architectural design identical with natural warm colors but still bright impression. Many colors used in this design include the color beige, brown, orange, yellow, or terracotta. Color group can be presented through the application on the walls and ornaments used. Here’s italian minimalist bedrooms design.


italian bedroom designs



italian minimalist bedrooms design


So, if you want to adopt a Mediterranean design into a dwelling, may try to apply the typical colors of the building. Because it is the easiest way to do. You can present a comfortable feel of the beauty of the Mediterranean style in your bedroom for example. Italian style gives the first impression of a charming touch. Use colors such as brown and beige to dress up your italian minimalist bedrooms design. This color can apply on the wall to bring out a nice warm atmosphere. In order to remain impressed comfortable bedrooms, you can mix with a neutral white color for floor and beige and brown on your bedroom furniture, matching the color theme of your minimalist bedroom Mediterranean. To reinforce the concept of the Mediterranean is better you perform typical arch shape on the door or window series.


italian bedroom design ideas


Benefits creamy color to paint your bedroom. Beige is the color derived from chocolate. This color comes from the earth element. Wave of color reinforce the impression of static and warm. Beige color, suitable for balancing the dynamics of brain wave height fluctuates as we work and think. Balance is one of the key words of comfort. The principle of balance to be one italian minimalist bedrooms design style concepts that create an attractive bedroom design, as seen in the photo above.

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