The main room is where one activity starts his day in the morning and started the day resting at night. Girls are not the same room with the boys room, even though they both were children. Adolescence represents a change from childhood to the adult, and this is a psychological effect on children, especially girls. Interior design room girls are usually more impressed with a lot of feminine ornaments and dolls as well as the use of wall paint and furniture selection of bright colors such as pink and the light colors of interest. Well, How about a pink, black and red together as a theme? well, girls room pink black and red will be nice.


girls rooms pink black and red



girls room pink black and red


For the interior rooms are the most popular girl teens are pink, because she especially likes the color pink teen does not hurt to create a comfortable room for the girl child is using the color pink as well. The use of pink color is not only to paint the walls, but also in the room furniture such as cabinets, mattresses, tables, chairs, and lamps and other trinkets. Combine with red and black to create the girls room black pink and red design. Choose the girls room interior design in accordance with the wishes of the child. Choose a theme that suits the characteristics of the child, if the child likes things that smell cartoon does not hurt for you to design and paint the walls of children with animated pictures and posters put a cartoon character who liked children. In order for children to feel comfortable while in the room, keep the room completely in accordance with the characteristics of the child. Include the child in the process of designing since she was growing up and can make their choice, but from here as a parent you should still monitor the child”s wishes in accordance with the budget decorations owned by the parents.


girls room decoration



teenage girls room decorating ideas


For the main furniture in the room was a mattress or bed. For girls, try to use a bed that actually make the child comfortable with the design and selection of the model are certainly convenient. Choose a bed with a feminine style, not too wide and must have seemed a luxury. Girls love beautiful things, so for extra furniture such as desks, chairs learn, and try dressing table held in room girls. Choose furniture with elements of pink color, black and red to reinforce the theme of the room. Girl room interior design can also be coupled with the placement of the accessories that a girl needs a complement to the girl for example complete with dressing table mirror or closet doll also other feminine trinkets, matching the theme girls room pink black and red.

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