Adding a feminine element could be a new challenge in the bedroom decor. Highlight the impression of gentle character is in terms of both color and decor of the room. These elements can be combined with existing ones. One way to choose is to do with the selection of feminine color to your bedroom. A lot of feminine colors that can be used. One of them is purple. In this article you will find some steps you can do to make your bedroom look feminine, especially in shades of purple charming. Here’s feminine bedrooms purple.


feminine bedrooms purple



feminine purple bedroom


Who says feminine bedroom should be just in pink? Purple in neon or soft pastel  wall color could be an option. Not only the walls, you can match the color of the carpet and furniture were aligned to form a feminine touch. Cot with curtains on the canopy can be a carrier of choice feminine impression in any bedroom. Choose a curtain with soft purple color. Furthermore, the use of lots of great pillows, luxurious colors and can also be an additional touch of femininity. The selection of furniture can adjust the color purple. You can choose a variety of purple or white can use as a counterweight. So you can get feminine bedrooms purple. Painting on the wall or better known as mural made with colors that contrast with the background color, but still in line with other colors. Sizes and different types of flowers and flow that deliberately, to make it look more feminine, dynamic mural to complement the interior design of the bedroom.


feminine bedrooms ideas



feminine purple bedroom decoration


Lace curtains can definitely add a touch of soft, feminine look better in the bedroom. Select the color purple curtain. Avoid heavy curtains berdraperi with the impression, and blinds that will cover the sun. Natural lighting will impress members open, airy atmosphere to enhance the soft femininity of space. Well, now you can quickly apply a feminine touch to your bedroom in purple. So, get immediate feminine bedrooms purple.

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