Feminine bedroom ideas do not have to always be completely pink. Purple can create a feminine character. The theme of the display of spatial impression cute and sweet, always the first choice when arranging her room. Aka pink pink usually dominate this impression. In fact, he is not the only colors that can create such an impression. The proof, purple shades in the room at the photo below, not less sweet? Exposing the room below the color purple as the theme. Sheets, padded wall as the headboard, and roman shade in the window, all purple apply. Not so monotonous, they invented a variation of gradation. As a counterweight, applied also in white on some walls and a bed. Purple color gives the impression of “inside”, dense, and heavy.


feminine bedroom ideas



feminine bedroom decorating ideas



You can also break down the stigma that the room should be dominant in pink, beige, or cream for feminine bedroom ideas. Orange can also give a feminine and romantic look. A feminine bedroom ideas key lies in the design and color of furniture. Choice of white and blue a few small touches, make the more sweetly feminine, as if describing the character of the owner of the room. Usually identical to the feminine and romantic interest, why not in this room? Simple display was chosen for this room. “Crowd” fairly present in only one area of ​​the wall and hanging lampshades. The rest just play colors. Thus, the room did not look too crowded. Moreover, also in line with the overall concept of modern houses tend to be.



feminine bedroom designs



feminine bedroom decor


The color purple is often identified with the atmosphere of melancholy. This screen is also impressive elegance, wisdom and spirituality. This room is suitable for creating an atmosphere for women. Floral motifs create a bedroom turned into feminine. You can also try to create a feminine bedroom ideas through the thin curtain of purple in the window. In addition to curtains, bed accessories, such as bed runner, also clad in purple. This color makes the white-dominated space becomes more dynamic. Without a touch of color, the color white in the bedroom will seem monotonous and rigid impressed.

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