The bedroom is the place where you relax and release stress. Therefore, the one room that has to be made as comfortable as possible, one of them by decorating the bed as possible. Bedrooms female identical with pink that symbolizes love, the mysterious purple, or yellow is cheerful. But there’s nothing wrong if you want to try other colors, if you really want to pose a different feel. For example, as applied in this room. Here the selected beige as the main color, combined with terracotta and orange colors as accents. All of the color is more directed at the impression of natural and far from being girlie. Here’s some of feminine bedroom decor ideas.


modern feminine bedroom decor



feminine bedroom decor


So, how to make rooms look more feminine? One step that can be done is by presenting illustrations of flowers on the elements of the bedroom. You can apply the floral motif on table lamp shades, carpets, and walls. The latter is arguably the most visible and most affect the atmosphere of the room. Like something pretty and sweet? Give floral touch on your bed. Choose bright colors as accents, such as magenta or bright pink for pillowcases and blankets. Stick with white as the base color to avoid the impression too crowded for feminine bedroom decor.


feminine bedroom decorating ideas



modern feminine bedroom


We can also decorate our bedroom to make it more feminine with the help of a mirror. Mirrors can be used as a powerful weapon to make the bedroom look more feminine. We can not add too many mirrors in our room, as this will lead to chaos. Instead, place one near a window so it can reflect sunlight into the room, and one right in front of the bed, which will visually double the size of our room. So, after you read this entire article, you can apply feminine bedroom decor in your bedroom.

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