The bedroom is the right place if you design using ethnic styles. Because, ethnic interior design can give a warm touch that can make you feel comfortable at rest. Not only is this style can also make a room look unique and attractive. Design your bedroom using ethnic styles in order to create an atmosphere of warmth that brings comfort to you while you unwind inside. Ethnic themes you can come up with to bring ornaments such as furniture of carved wood materials or elements typical of the culture of a particular area. Yes, ethnic design is one of the art architecture that adopts the traditional style of a culture. These followings are some of ethnic modern bedroom design ideas.


ethnic modern bedroom design



modern ethnic decor


In addition to having a prominent feature of the ornament worn room, ethnic style can also be seen from the color applications that are widely used. In ethnic design, generally applying earthy colors like brown. because that’s what impressed ethnic style interior warm, elegant, and is often regarded as a serious art architecture. If you want to combine modern and ethnic elements, you can add modern accessories such as standing lamp cool. Or combine modern colors such as white or a bold color (eg yellow) with ethnic colors (brown or red) in ethnic modern bedroom design. This combination will make your bedroom a more remarkable.


modern ethnic interiors



ethnic bedroom decor


Well, you can use ethnic styles to create warmth in the bedroom. So as not to seem tough, you can apply a color combination of chocolate combined with cream. So the rooms still look soft, light, and soothing. Beige color right if you apply to walls, ceiling, and floor as a convenient base colors. While the brown color should be used to reinforce the concept that your ethnic stretcher. Bring the brown color through the carved wooden material typical of certain cultures such as the furniture a bed, a corner table, arm chair, dresser and closet. Brown color can also be applied through the presence of accessories bed linen, pillows, and curtains that has a design appropriate ethnic decorations for ethnic modern bedroom design.

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