A lot of brilliant ideas to make the master bedroom in your home means so much. Wallpaper and dramatization in the master bedroom can be a choice. To make the design patterns in the main room you stay balanced, use a clear pattern on the wall and let the rest of the room is relatively solid. The colors in the master bedroom also should provide peace and combined perfectly. The color brown is a color that you can apply to your master suite. Impressive brown color of warmth and comfort. People spend a lot of time at home and of course want the comfort and warmth while in this elegant brown masters bedroom.


elegant brown masters bedroom



brown master bedroom


The first lesson you need to learn while planning the elegant brown masters bedroom is that you do not want your room cluttered. Even a little messy will make your room look smaller in a sample. Eliminating it is not only from the position of the bed, but also from the top of each piece of furniture is also decisive. In this way, your room will look clean and big at the same time. The first step in learning tips to create a master bedroom look bigger, is to get rid of your television, especially if you still have a good old box. Put it in the living room and make some room for a painting or a small table. If you have a thin LED or LCD, plug in the wall to increase floor space.


brown master bedroom ideas



dark brown master bedroom


Now let’s move to your bed. The bed should be low in height, may be the height of your knee, if you are of average height. As for the bed, using the headboard of your choice. Since the bed takes a lot amount of space, it should not be messy. If you have too many drawers on the wall of your closet or if you are taking a lot of floor space, switch to using wardrobe. This will give you a bigger floor space, which in turn will make your room look really big. Avoid any type of furniture that will make you a hard activity indoors. The ceiling should be lighter than the wall color. Mirrors can be used as a powerful weapon to learn to make the master bedroom look bigger. You can not add too many mirrors in your room, as this will lead to chaos. Instead, place one near a window so it can reflect sunlight into rooms and one right in front of the bed, which will visually double the size of your elegant brown masters bedroom.

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