Choosing curtains for bedroom is not just based on the form window. Suitability of the pattern and color to the walls and furniture are not less important. Curtains not only act as window coverings. When closed, the curtains seemed to blend with the wall, making it a focus because of the undulations. That’s why we can not choose any style and color. In the daytime, when the curtains open, of course not a problem. But, imagine when night falls. Sheet of fabric that stretches will greatly affect the look of the room walls.


curtains for bedroom



curtains for bedroom window


To select an appropriate curtains for bedroom a lot to consider. First, consider the overall interior design concept, in this bedroom. Is there a particular style to set up there. For example, if the style of a modern setting, roller blinds, vertical blinds, or blinds to choose from. About the color, matching the color of the room. Second, ease of maintenance. This relates to the maintenance factor. If you want curtains that lack of care and free of dust, look for such materials. If using fabric, make sure it is equipped with an antistatic cloth so that dust does not easily stick in there. Third, the working system. There are curtains for bedroom that use conventional rails, or who have a towing system, even equipped with an electric motor.


curtains for bedroom ideas



white curtains for bedroom window


One of the easiest ways to integrate the curtain wall is to take a standard pattern or color of the walls. No need to be fully equal, a similar importance. See the photo room. Wallpaper is mounted on the wall behind the bed was quite crowded. Naturally, it functions as a focal point. In order not to disrupt the focus, the curtains are used should not be as busy as the wall style. To look aligned, use the dominant color of the wallpaper as the color of the curtains. You can select two predominant colors on the walls, the brown and green. Overall, the curtains for bedroom more visible to occupants of the room. So it’s worth “sacrificing” the view from the outside. Place the side of the beautiful on the inside, so you as the owner feel proud and happy to see it.

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