The interior design of a child’s room is usually designed to suit the age of the child. Especially for infants and toddlers, the need for more extensive space than the child’s room that’s adolescence. This is because at an early age, the child will learn to explore themselves and learn to stand, walk, run, play from the smallest neighborhood. For that reason, no wonder many parents who feel the need to provide stimulus to introduce a wide range of colors and shapes to their children from an early age. This article will give an idea to change the child’s room becomes more cheerful, and can stimulate brain development of children through the application of a variety of colors and various forms of graphic silhouette as a sweetener. And also comfortable for the child to rest in color schemes for baby nursery.


color schemes for baby nursery



color schemes for nursery


For color schemes for baby nursery, you can use color games in yellow, green combined with off white color. This mix really gives the impression of cheers for the bedroom that also doubles as a kids play room. The selection of furniture using the dominance of green and neutral colors. Furniture used to be padded / will not hurt the child if the child does not accidentally fall / stumble furniture. Storage stool chosen to design an interesting and fun so that children feel at home in his room. The addition of bench seating for parents who supervise the child to rest and play.


baby color schemes nursery



color schemes for baby boy nursery



color schemes for baby girl room


In addition to the above mix of colors, you can play with another color. Red for the accent, serves to brighten the room, but not recommended as the primary color of a room, including bedrooms for the children. White room with white will make it feel bigger and brighter because it reflects the color of 80 percent of light. White is probably not the most attractive color for a child’s room, but you can outsmart the install sheets of colorful and various accessories to beautify the room. Blue represents peace, wisdom and beliefs reflected from a room. A good option for baby’s bedroom and the color of the child, because it can create feelings of calm and prepare the body for sleep. Or bright purple, purple shades brighter creates a feeling of peace. It is used as a girls bedroom colors – color schemes for baby nursery.

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