As soon as you plan having a child you must create his own room. If you will have a girl, some girl bedroom design ideas would be perfect.

Pink color is used for almost all the rooms

Everybody knows that pink is one of the most beautiful colors for girls and according to their whishes, the painting on the walls in their room should use this color. It is a beautiful color and with perfect combinations you will be able to decorate your girl’s room. The girl’s room doesn’t affect the house design. So if you choose pink color in painting the walls will have nothing to do if the other rooms are using different painting and decorations. Use some umbrella decorations for all over the walls for a better design. Choose different colors for them and you will be so happy after the design is finished. Don’t use an upholstered bed for this kind of room. Try to add some green color for pillows and blanket. Or you can choose to purchase a blanket with beach stuff painted on. Place a night stand on the left of the bed and put on top of it a green clock and a painting with your girl. You can also use a decorative flower near them.


Most of the time your girl loves to be treated as a princess and that’s why you should design her own fairy castle as a design for her room.  Create a fantasy bed with steps on the left of the bed and slide on the other part. This design involves a tiny bridge on top of the bed. The design is amazing. She has two little stairs to get in the bed. This furniture is painted in pink exactly like the floor and walls.

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