During the summer, an ideal home should have bright colors. Well, soon will come the summer, so it’s time to refresh your bedroom decor. Many brilliant ideas to make the master bedroom in your home is so mean. Believe me, an interesting idea to make the bedroom more than just a room to sleep. You do not underestimate the power of the pink color to liven up your bedroom. Not least in a small room to sleep once. Here are some bedroom colour schemes with pink that you can make an example.


bedroom pink colour



bedroom colour schemes with pink


You can make a pink color scheme with a variety of bedroom themes. From modern to classic. For modern style, choose modern furniture with the color pink then you will get a beautiful bedroom. Preferred the classical style can continue because the setting that looks sturdy and strengthen the character of filler, but still look beautiful. Serving a predominantly bedroom shades of pink create a feminine and classic feel. Touch of pink wall cover with a thin stripe patterns reinforce the symmetrical composition of the couch. Choose the appropriate classical furniture. Then adjust the color scheme and you will get an attractive bedroom colour schemes with pink.


bedroom colour schemes pink



bedroom pink ideas


For the bedroom with pink color schemes you can be creative with a blend of other themes such as floral theme. You can paint your walls with floral or use curtains or bed linen floral motif in pink flowers. Use a linen or curtains for your bedroom to keep the room bright with beautiful pink color. Curtains of this type also allows sunlight into the room and kill the bacteria. When your room is decorated with a bright pink color, then do not forget the pillows. Use pillows are also white, pink or purple, so decorating your room in bedroom colour schemes with pink will perfect.

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