Bedrooms are always regarded as the most personal room in the house so that the setting should be done in particular. One thing you can do is give a touch or linen bedding sets along with the accessories. Lots of things can you do to provide cozy atmosphere in the room. Through the selection of appropriate complementary elements, rest room will feel comfortable. Materials soft linen and features a soft mattress, guaranteed to make you satisfied lying on it. Bedding sets in the room could say that life must exist because atasnyalah we can feel comfortable to rest. If a complete bedding set is rather complicated installation, and depth, as should be no blanket, comforter or duvet cover. Duvet covers can beautify your bedding set. Here in this article duvet set traditional style that you can make as an inspiration.


duvet set style



duvet set traditional style


Before deciding to choose a duvet cover, you need to know what it is bed cover, quilt covers and duvet. Bed cover or comforter is a decorative cover made from silicone or dacron sheets are sewn directly to the fabric outer layer of such motifs are usually patterned bed linen and pillows. Quilt cover or Duvet Cover is a decorative cover made from different types of fabric shaped pouch in which the function is to put a duvet or quilt contents are available separately. Types of fabric for quilt cover with bedcover and motifs are usually tailored to the bed linen and pillows. Duvet is made from plain white cloth sewn pouch-shaped and filled with silicone or dacron. So the function of the quilt cover is to protect the duvet from dust or dirt, providing ease of maintenance and remodeling bedroom decor with just removing and replacing the cover quilt. Simply having a duvet and quilt cover collection multiply decoration for your room. For duvet set traditional style, you can select floral motifs and patchwork classic, beautiful and unique as a complement to your bedding set.


duvet set cover



patchwork duvet sets


In a way, it’s like a bed comforter cover. In addition to blanket and comforter, quilt cover there is also an outer blanket. So, if you want to use it, must buy it also called duvet. If you prefer a quilt cover, you’ll need the extra time to clean it because the material is thicker. When bored, you could do a solid match bedding set. You may combine the two series collection bedding sets keeping in harmony, a harmony in colors and patterns. For example, a small flower motif combined with a large floral motif. Mix and match bedding set to eliminate the impression of monotony. Mix and match not only be done between the sheets and pillow or bolster, but also between the sheets and quilt cover. The combination of different colors will create a special accent for duvet set traditional style.

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